Established on June 13, 2016, Van Thanh General Clinic belongs to the Health system invested and developed by Van Thanh Medical Group with the mission of “Care with talent, medical ethics and understanding”.

Proud to be the leading scale and quality clinic in the region with the capacity to serve more than 500 patients per day. With the guideline of patient-centered action, respect and understand customers to be able to serve in the best way. The medical team, doctors and staff are always dedicated to serving patients so that every time a patient comes to the Clinic, they will feel comfortable, light and have more positive motivation in examination and treatment. cure yourself.


Currently, Van Thanh General Clinic has 12 specialties with a team of highly qualified doctors from Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, City. Bien Hoa and City. Hanoi

The specialties that are considered as strengths and achieve accuracy in diagnosis and treatment such as Dentistry, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Pediatrics… have been verified from the evaluation of thousands of patients. visited and treated here.

The clinic is equipped with a modern paraclinical function room and high diagnostic accuracy, which best supports doctors in diagnosing results and building a treatment plan for patients. These are the Department of 4D Color Ultrasound, the Department of Electrocardiography with the ability to accurately measure specific parameters, and the Department of Radiology with the ability to accurately capture all the structures of the body. Department of Laboratory is a miniature of a hematology center for complete blood and urine parameters.


During its operation, the clinic has also done a good job of providing emergency care for many serious diseases as well as transferring hospitals to hospitals with high treatment capacity such as: Cho upland, University of Medicine and Pharmacy hospital, and hospital. Children’s Hospital 1…helps many patients save their lives in emergency situations.

Van Thanh General Clinic always focuses on constantly improving the medical examination and treatment capacity of the medical staff with annual training programs. Understanding the needs and concerns about medical examination and treatment costs, we organize and receive medical insurance examinations, periodical health checks, occupational health, and on-site medical services… to serve you. the diverse health care needs of the community.

Coming to Van Thanh General Clinic, patients will feel the difference in the layout and dedicated service attitude of the medical team and doctors here. The lightness, gentleness, and fun in the operating environment of Van Thanh General Clinic always bring optimism, hope and victory to patients.

With Van Thanh, patients are always the most important guests and the mind must be taken care of with the utmost care and dedication.