As the first private clinic licensed by the Department of Health of Ba Ria-Vung Tau to examine occupational diseases. Van Thanh is always confident to bring customers quality occupational medical examination services with special strengths

1.Introduction to Occupational Disease Specialist

Occupational disease is a disease arising from harmful working and production conditions of an occupation. They have a great impact on the health of workers. Occupational diseases can be acute or chronic.

For chronic occupational diseases, the cause is the harmful effects in that occupation. Toxins slowly enter the worker’s body and cause disease.

For acute occupational diseases the cause is exposure to chemicals. Or occupational hazards with high toxicity with high concentration in a short time. And previously, this group of occupational diseases was listed in the group of occupational accidents.

As the first private clinic licensed by the Department of Health of Ba Ria-Vung Tau to examine occupational diseases. Van Thanh is always confident to bring customers quality occupational health services with:

  • A team of qualified doctors for periodic health checks, licensed to operate by the Department of Health
  • Being capable of performing examination and detection of occupational diseases, occupational-related diseases and occupational accidents. And participate in occupational disease assessment for employees approved by the Department of Health
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2.Functions of specialties

  • The focal point for planning, organizing the implementation and reporting of activities: Directing, inspecting and supervising the implementation of activities for prevention and control of occupational diseases, management of workers’ health.
  • Coordinating the provision of information and communication; monitoring pathogens, risk factors; preventive treatment and management of public health; research and participate in scientific research, application of related scientific and technical advances; training to improve professional, technical and professional capacity in the field of workers’ health and occupational diseases. Diseases related to specialist examination

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3. Diseases related to specialized examination

a. Occupational silicosis.
b. Occupational asbestosis.
c. Occupational cotton dust disease.
d. Occupational anthrax.
e. Occupational chronic bronchitis.
f. Occupational asthma.
g. Occupational deafness caused by noise.
H. Occupational tuberculosis…etc…

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4. Subject of examination

Laborers doing heavy, hazardous or dangerous jobs or particularly heavy, hazardous or dangerous jobs, employees before being assigned to work and before changing to heavy or hazardous occupations or jobs. harmful, more dangerous or after having an occupational accident, after having an occupational disease, he has recovered his health and continues to work again. In case of suspected acute occupational disease or at the request of the employer or employee, the time for occupational medical examination shall be at the request of the requesting organization or individual.

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5. Examination process at Van Thanh

Step 1: Make medical declaration and quick test for Covid-19

Step 2: Complete the procedure to receive medical records

Step 3: Take a test sample including blood or urine sample

Step 4: Physical examination: measure height, weight, blood pressure

Step 5: Conduct clinical examination: ENT, maxillofacial, dermatology, eye, male, gynecological…

Step 6: Perform diagnostic imaging

Step 7: Return documents, advice on treatment methods and courses (if any)

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6.Specialist Services

  • Plan, organize and supervise the implementation of activities on prevention and control of occupational diseases
  • Coordinate with relevant units to organize health education communication.
  • Training on prevention of occupational diseases and occupational diseases
  • Organize and participate in training to improve professional, professional and technical capacity for officials working in prevention of occupational diseases at companies in the area.
  • Comply with regulations on statistics and reports on occupational health as prescribed.

7.Benefits, the value brought

 With a system of modern and complete equipment. Coming to the Department of Occupational Medicine, Van Thanh General Clinic, we will accompany you on your journey of taking care and improving your health.

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